Urban Re-Entry Jobs Program: A Desire To Work

Trevon R. enrolled in the Urban Re-Entry Jobs Program at the Urban League of Louisiana at the age of 30, while incarcerated at Elayn Hunt Correctional Facility. He was serving a one and half year sentence for simple burglary. At the age of sixteen, he started selling drugs in high school, which lead him to being expelled permanently from school. Over the past 8-years, Trevon ’s convictions varied from drug trafficking, unauthorized use of a vehicle, and simple burglary. During the 8-year span of legal troubles, he served 3-years for his convictions and 5 years of probation. 

While incarcerated, on November 18, 2016, Trevon obtained his High School Equivalency. Trevon always enjoyed working with his hands and wanted to work on cars all of his life. Although, Trevon has not received any official license to work on cars, he says, “I would watch the older men and my father work on cars and they would allow me to hand them tools when I was a younger. I want to own an auto mechanic shop. I want the shop to be a place where people can afford to get their cars fixed. My goal is to start receiving different certifications so that I will have better opportunities.” On January 31, 2017, Trevon obtained his credential as a certified forklift operator. 

With a desire to work with his hands and his initial knowledge as a mechanic, Trevon began working fulltime for Door to Door Auto as a mechanic assistant but also has the opportunity to drive a forklift to move heavy items from one area to another area. He earns $10.00 per hour. Since auto mechanic work is second nature he has expressed interest in attending Delgado Community College to pursue a degree in auto mechanics within the next year. 

During a recent appointment with his Urban League case manager he said, “I plan to do what I have to do to increase my earning potential and to stay out of trouble and take care of my four children. My parents never gave up on me and I cannot allow my children to feel like I gave up on them. I have goals and I want to be able to help others and show my children that I will be around for them.” 

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