Become an Affiliate


  • Community needs assessment conducted by the local sponsoring group.
  • The names of candidates for the Board of Directors with biographical data, to ensure that the board meets the standards set forth above.
  • Evidence of broad community support, an economy capable of sustaining an Urban League affiliate, and a significant African American population with needs aligned to the National Urban League mission.
  • A projected operating budget of at least $750,000 per year for three consecutive years.
  • Evidence that the affiliate has raised the revenue or firmly secured the commitments to meet the minimal $1.5 million operating budget over its initial three years of operation.
  • A non-refundable processing fee of $5,000.
  • A $45,000 application fee due upon approval of affiliation by the National Urban League Committee on Programs and Affiliates.


Candidates for Affiliate Chief Executive Officer positions must have a proven track record of leadership and management in a modern community-based nonprofit organization.

For consideration, applicants must have five years of senior nonprofit or for profit management experience in administration, fiscal management, strategic planning, marketing and promotion, Board development and relations, communications, resource development, and community mobilization and collaboration. Other attributes considered in the review of candidates include direct service delivery, administration of demonstration projects, advocacy, policy development, and work with the public and private sectors. Experience in research, public and community education, the development, implementation and evaluation of programs, and management of volunteers is preferred.

A Bachelor's degree is required and a Master's degree preferred, with a specialization in social work, business administration, public administration, nonprofit management, urban planning, human resources management, education, political science or an appropriate related discipline. Prior Urban League experience is a plus.

It is the policy of the National Urban League to certify candidates for Affiliate Chief Executive Officer (CEO) vacancies. Certification is the process whereby the National Urban League confirms the eligibility of candidates for Affiliate Chief Executive Officer openings. Each Affiliate Board of Directors shall appoint its CEO only from candidates certified by the National Urban League.

Each affiliate shall appoint its Chief Executive Officer only from among nominees who have been certified as meeting standards set by the National Urban League. Continued certification by the National Urban League of an Executive Director will be determined on the basis of periodic evaluations jointly conducted by the National Urban League and the affiliate, but in no case shall the Chief Executive Officer be decertified without the approval of the Affiliate Board.


1) Organizational Soundness

An effective affiliate sustains the mission of the Urban League movement by conducting its business consistent with the requirements, policies, and standards of the National Urban League.

  • Standard 1: The affiliate board of directors ensures that the affiliate's policies, standards, practices, and procedures are in compliance with the policies and standards of the National Urban League as stated in the Terms of Affiliation (to be revised).
  • Standard 2: The affiliate acknowledges and carries out its responsibilities with respect to its interdependent relationship with the National Urban League.
  • Standard 3: The affiliate nominating committee annually assesses the affiliate's leadership needs, recruits qualified individuals within the affiliate's community, for election by the membership body.
  • Standard 4: The affiliate fulfills its corporate obligations as required by local, state, and federal governments and National Urban League.

2) Organizational Vitality

An effective Urban League affiliate has sufficient resources and assumes responsibility for managing them, in order to ensure the continuation and expansion of the Urban League in the affiliate community.

  • Standard 1: The affiliate board measures and promotes increasing racial/ ethnic presence and participation at all policy and operational levels.
  • Standard 2: The affiliate's human resources practices attract, develop, and retain operational volunteers and employed staff reflecting all areas of its community and all segments of its population. (Note: All information about individual performance appraisals and salaries is confidential)
  • Standard 3: The affiliate board ensures that they carry out their responsibility to raise funds to support the affiliate's work, using methods in keeping with the principles, policies, standards, and goals of Urban Leagues.
  • Standard 4: The affiliate board carries out its stewardship responsibilities with respect to the affiliate's fiscal assets, including real estate, in a responsible manner.
  • Standard 5: The affiliate board has made financial provisions to provide for the perpetuation of the Urban League within its service area.
  • Standard 6: The affiliate utilizes a planning system to maximize the effective and responsible development and use of resources.

3) Implementation of Mission

An effective Urban League ensures that the Urban League programs are delivered to the diverse population segments in its community.

  • Standard 1: Based on a thorough understanding of the populations within its community, the affiliate attracts and retains membership/donors and serves constituents from all areas of its community.
  • Standard 2: The affiliate develops structures and systems for clients to participate in Urban League programs, which meet the needs of its constituents.
  • Standard 3: Requirements that ensure the protection of the health, safety, and security of clients is evident in all programs.
  • Standard 4: Through a volunteer/auxiliary development system, the affiliate that recruits, trains, provides support for, and addresses the needs of volunteers who work with clients.
  • Standard 5: The affiliate has a communications, community, and marketing plan to keep all segments of the population informed about the opportunities and benefits of urban league membership.
  • Standard 6: Urban League programs are consistent with the vision of the Twenty-first century affiliate by providing direct services, functioning as the Hub of the Wheel, committed to National Urban League’s three strategic priorities, and conducting research and advocacy.

For More Information Contact: Sabrina Charles, 212-558-5361