Health and Quality of Life

About the Program

Health and Quality of Life delivers sustainable programs to underserved communities that create greater access to healthcare and advocate for the elimination of health disparities.

How We Help

The National Urban League continued our strategic approach to eliminating health disparities in the African American community by introducing new awareness and prevention programs, expanding existing outreach initiatives, and connecting clients to high quality health care.



The Walgreens Way to Well Health Tour

The Walgreens Way to Well Health Tour with National Urban League is a national tour that will provide free health resources to residents in urban and minority communities who experience disproportionately higher rates of preventable disease. The service is free and insurance will not be billed. The tour will also continue to highlight the Urban League’s “I Am Empowered” national service initiative, and will collaborate with Urban League affiliates to encourage members of urban and minority communities to act as their own health advocates by visiting the Walgreens Way to Well Health Tour with Nation Urban League, which will provide free tests, assessments, education and consulting services.


Act Against AIDS Leadership Initiative

Designated as one of 16 National Act Against AIDS Leadership Initiative sites by the Centers for Disease Control, the National Urban League is galvanizing the power of its affiliate network and harnessing our community connections, resources and attributes on behalf of a new prevention campaign addressing the HIV and AIDS crisis in the African-American community.  The Urban Leagues awareness campaign and education efforts will also include testing, prevention, treatment and care efforts  and will be undergirded by citywide symposia and workshops in  Columbus, Ohio; Indianapolis, Indiana; Miami and West Palm Beach, Florida and Union County, NJ.  The National Urban League will also host a series of workshops at its 2011 events.        


Consumers Union/Best Buy Drug Project

In year two the National Urban League and three affiliates (Northern Virginia, Rhode Island, and Houston) are projected to reach more than 900 families with information about the cost, effectiveness and the advantages of using generic medications. Additionally Consumer Union, Best Buy Drugs has supported the National Urban League by sponsoring 25 affiliates, by providing webinars, professional development and technical assistance and trainings.  


Pfizer Helpful Answer Project

In 2010, more than 25 Urban League affiliates received training and participated in online seminars that focused on helping clients access low-cost prescription drugs made or marketed by the Pfizer Corporation.  Pfizer Helpful Answers is also a principal sponsor of the 2011 Whitney Moore Young, Jr. Urban Leadership Training Center’s health track.     


Community Health Workers

Community Health Workers act as coaches and guides for people in their communities who need assistance and understanding navigating the complex and often confusing health care system.  The trained Community Health Workers are experienced, culturally competent and knowledgeable practitioners trained by local Urban Leagues. The important services they provide include, referrals, counseling, health management and helping clients find medical homes and is often considered to be the missing link on the health care team.


I Am Woman Initiative

Launched in 2009, the I Am Women initiative funded by General Mills, Inc. in partnership with the Urban League of Columbia, South Carolina, addresses the entire family’s nutritional, health and wellness needs, with special emphasis on children and single parent households.  To date, hundreds of women and children within South Carolina have successfully completed the program.  

Save Our Sons

The program provides health screenings, counseling and educates participants on preventive treatments while promoting a healthy lifestyle. The Save Our Sons program has also been featured in the Journal of National Medical Association as one of the premieres and most effective ways to reach the underserved and underrepresented male within the r health care system.    Hundreds of men have been served in Lorain County, Ohio.