Local Leadership

Affiliates of the National Urban League are the centers of activity in and around their community. These professionally staffed offices are where Urban League services come to life – where people and their neighborhoods grow, change, and strengthen. Found in 36 states across the U.S., including the District of Columbia, they cultivate a symbiotic relationship with local residents and companies and advocate for positive change in their communities.

The National Urban League Association of Executives consists of Urban League Presidents and Chief Executive Officers. The Association works to develop workshops, programs and policies to enhance personal and professional development and strengthen the members’ abilities to successfully lead their affiliates.

The mission of the Council of Board Members is to assist individual board chairpersons in maximizing their effectiveness to lead and guide their local affiliates and boards. The Council also serves as a catalyst in strengthening the bond between the National office, local affiliates and their communities and constituents.

The National Council of Urban League Guilds is comprised of volunteer auxiliaries of the National Urban League. Started in New York City in 1942 by Mrs. Mollie Moon, the National Council of Guilds is divided into 85 chapters across four regions. Guild members are considered to be the heart and soul of the Urban League movement, and contribute thousands of volunteer hours annually.

The National Urban League Young Professionals is comprised of volunteer auxiliaries of the various Urban League affiliates who range in age from 21-40. Launched in 1999 at the National Urban League’s Annual Conference in Houston, TX, the National Urban League Young Professionals is divided into over 63 chapters across the Urban League’s four regions. Young Professionals members are considered to be the next generation of leaders inside and outside the Urban League movement; and contribute thousands of dollars and volunteer hours to local Urban League affiliates annually and conduct professional development for its members.