The San Diego Affiliate Helped Ms. Foley Save Her Home!

Ms. Foley received a Nationstar mortgage flier in March 2017 with her mortgage statement.  Inside, they included the Urban League of San Diego County’s contact information for financial help. Ms. Foley had been feeling desperate and was receiving frequent calls from scammers. She called and spoke with our affiliate’s counselor, who sent the intake package hard copies via mail to the client.  She knew she wanted to get something started, but didn't have a feeling of urgency.  Towards the end of 2017, she filled it out and called back.  

Our counselor reached her, and after her initial call, she felt hopeful. She felt that by dealing with a HUD approved agency, she’d become empowered. She sent her paperwork to the ULSDC office via FedEx on January 17th.  After that, the process happened very quickly after they submitted her documentation to her servicer. In February she received a letter that she was eligible to enter into a trial modification plan.  She was elated! After making timely payments, she was excited when she received her final modification paperwork. She was at ease, as her payments were no longer adjustable and she could forecast all of her bills. Thinking back on what she experienced, she is glad that she made the effort to call and not give up.

If you or anyone you know needs help saving their home, contact a local Urban League near you!