Jacksonville Urban League Helps Client with Mortgage Payments

The Jacksonville Urban League Helped Get Their Client 6 Month’s Worth of Mortgage Payments!

Thanks to the Urban League’s Foreclosure Prevention counseling program, Ms. Angela Williams was able to bring her mortgage current and avoid foreclosure.

Ms. Angela Williams lost her job in August 2016 due to becoming disabled; as a result, she found herself unable to make her mortgage payments for 6 months and facing foreclosure. She had no children, and had lived in her home for the past 20 years. Ms. Williams came to the Jacksonville Urban League for financial counseling and was able to receive help under their foreclosure prevention program. In partnership with the City of Jacksonville, The Jacksonville Urban League was able to qualify her to receive 6 months of mortgage payments. Now Ms. Williams is current and no longer has the burden of worrying about losing her home!

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