Civil Rights Groups Demand SCOTUS Vote Delay

National Urban League, National Action Network, NAACP, NAACP Legal Defense Fund & National Coalition on Black Civic Participation Urge Citizens to Contact Senators

A coalition of civil rights groups today released the following statement in response to Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy’s pending retirement:

“The only just and responsible option for the U.S. Senate at this moment is to delay any vote on confirming a replacement for Justice Kennedy until after a new Congress is seated.

“This is an extraordinary time in American history, which calls for extraordinary measures.  The Senate is divided by a single vote. The need for a strong system of checks and balances has seldom been greater. 

“During this time of escalating crises, citizens must have the opportunity to decide who will advise and consent to the nominee of a deeply divisive Chief Executive.

“We call upon all citizens of good conscience to contact their U.S. Senators at (202) 224-3121 and demand that the incoming Senate be given the opportunity to vote on confirmation of the next Supreme Court justice.”